1950s Artist Brush Pack by Guerillacraft

1950s Artist Brush Pack by Guerillacraft

1950s Artist Brush Pack contains 19 seamless pattern based brushes and 20 art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. 39 vector brushes!

Inspired by 1950s illustration I made these brushes by using ink, old brushes and my fingers. You can use these brushes for vector paintings and line art too. Scanned in high-resolution, cleaned and turned to vector.

Best thing with these brushes is that you are not restricted by length of the stroke. You can draw different lines and they will be look same.

It takes some time to create that brush, but it’s really useful for longer lines or textured shape borders. In this brush pack you can find 19 brand new seamless brushes.

If you are using Adobe Illustrator CC, you can apply seamless brushes to shapes with one click and you will add nice textures without gap. 

All seamless brushes are in two version – normal and mirror. It saves you time and speed your workflow. Feel free to use brushes with Width tool – it gives you more and better options how to handle them.

For version of CS6 – CS3 there is PDF with tutorial how to avoid gaps in shapes (this version do not contains corner tiles)

Furthermore, I created 20 high-quality and detailed finger-smudged and expressive art brushes. You can use them for line-art or adding textures to your vector illustrations or use them as a part of your design work.

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Amazingly Realistic Oil Paint Effects for Photoshop by Forefathers

Amazingly Realistic Oil Paint Effects for Photoshop by Forefathers

Take your photos and projects to hyper-enriched levels that will add an amount of depth and mood to your projects like never before. With Renaissance the Oil-Painting effects do all of the heavy lifting for you while each maintains it’s own dramatic signature look and custom outputs.

Once the Oil-Effect Action has been applied you can then mix and combine multiple Filter Tones, Base Enhancements, Sharpening Levels, Vignette Burns and Blurs and even add realistic HiRes Canvas Textures to further add unparalleled depth to your imagery. All within a matter of seconds.

All of the Actions included in Renaissance are completely editable and 100% non-destructive to your original images. Best of all, every layer created are organized is named and placed meticulously into color assigned Group folders that are Layer Masked so you can toggle and edit each with absolute ease.

There is no other Photoshop Action set quite like this.

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3D Lettering Effects Bundle by MIIM

3D Lettering Effects Bundle by MIIM

Unique 3D typography bundle with 6 new lettering sets. All are great for any print or web projects, so maybe it’s time to add something creative and unique to your typography toolbox 😉 You’ll find here realistic ice, paint, stone, grunge wood, explosion letters and letters from small cubes. Just check all previews and you’ll love these unique graphics 😉

With this deal you get:

  • 6 creative 3D lettering sets (transparent PNG)
  • Extended license!

Deal price $15 – original price $72 (without extended license) & $148 (with extended license) 

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Dust and Particle Effect by MixPixBox

Dust and Particle Effect by MixPixBox

Create incredible and expressive design with new Magicus Pack. Transparent elements working perfectly on dark and light backgrounds.

Unique palette colection – 11 colors. How to be a wizard in real life? Just say #MixPixBox and enchantment is a ready (tutorial included).

Superior brushes – 17 pieces for any design purposes.

This set iincludes:

  • 330 images in PNG format with transparent background. 30 unique formations in 11 different colors. The size of each element is different approx. 5700 x 4300 px, 3500 x 3800 px, 300 dpi
  • 17 photoshop brushes (stars, glitter, bokeh and etc)
  • Detailed PDF tutorial for Photoshop users (with screenshots).

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Wax Crayon Textures for Adobe Illustrator by Wing's Art and Design Studio

Wax Crayon Textures for Adobe Illustrator by Wing’s Art and Design Studio

Authentic Wax Crayon Patterns, Textures, Brush Strokes and Shapes for Adobe Illustrator!

Offering a quick and simple way to add authentic wax crayon effects to your vector work, this pack offers a variety of tools for creating stylised illustrations and designs with all of the convenience of Adobe Illustrator.

Included are over 80 various shapes, brush strokes and textures, along with a further collection of 24 seamless patterns and 10 sample illustrations to help you get started. All of the textures are hand-drawn at Wing’s Art and Design Studio and carefully scanned and converted to vector format compatible with Adobe Illustrator versions CS1 and above. Also included are high resolution Tiff, Jpg and Png formats for use with Adobe Photoshop or other image editing software.

As a special bonus you’ll also find included a 1200dpi photograph of real wax crayons and a the light paper background you can see in the visuals. View the full visuals to see everything with usage examples.


  • 80+ Authentic Wax Crayon Textures, Shapes and Lines
  • 12 Ready-made Novelty Colour Seamless Patterns
  • 12 Additional Black Textures and Seamless Patterns
  • 10 Sample Illustrated Characters to Learn From
  • Real Wax Crayons Scanned at a Huge 1200 dpi Resolution
  • Subtle White Paper Texture
  • Help File


  • Adobe Illustrator Vector Ai (CC Native and CS1)
  • Bitmap Tiff Raw Sans (600 dpi)
  • Transparent PNG (600 dpi)
  • JPG (600 dpi)
  • Photoshop Pattern Library

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Coloured Pencils Photoshop Styles and Brushes by Graphic Spirit

Coloured Pencils Photoshop Styles and Brushes by Graphic Spirit

Do you want to create funny pencil postcards, posters and any other designs easily? There are everything that you need to create a realistic pencil style in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements in this addons.

All textures are unique and hand-drawn with real colour pencils.

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 any color styles (overlay on any color layer)
  • 6 black styles (three of them have custom color settings)
  • 6 blue styles
  • 6 brown styles
  • 6 dark blue styles
  • 6 green styles
  • 6 lime styles
  • 6 orange styles
  • 6 pink
  • 6 purple
  • 6 yellow
  • 10 paper styles for backgrounds
  • 2 shady styles
  • 63 pencil brushes
  • 15 PNG pictures to complement the design (4 Pencil Chips, 7 Pencil Shavings, 4 Pencils)

This works in Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CS3 + as well as in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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