Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Add a little stitch to your design! Get this whole toolkit in one: brush, styles, actions, and mockups. Turn in hand-stitched style any text or graphics, or create your own design inspired by this realistic look of thread stitches, textures, fabrics and instant effect around the seam.

And it will be great if to present the finished design in the Hoop mock-ups which as a bonus included in this wonderful Toolkit.

Look how simply and with inspiration it is possible to work with this Toolkit:


  • Layer Styles:
  • 2 Stitch Emboss Layer Styles
  • 4 Embroidery Texture Layer Styles
  • 11 Linen Texture Preset Colors Layer Styles
  • Brushes:
  • 8 Simple Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Zigzag Stitch Brushes
  • 4 Cross Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Blanket Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Baseball Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Ladder Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Chain Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Fortress Wall Stitch Brushes
  • Snowflake Stitch Brushes
  • Colonial Knot Stitch Brushes
  • Auto Stitch Around Layer Actions
  • Hoop Mock-Ups:
  • Round Hoop Mockup
  • Oval Hoop Mockup

All the layer styles and brushes work correctly at 300 dpi. Print ready!

Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Sepia Wedding Photoshop Actions by Presetrain Co.

Sepia Wedding Photoshop Actions by Presetrain Co.

Caramel Wedding is a must-have toning action for wedding and portrait photography.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, Caramel for Adobe Photoshop will speed-up your workflow and help you get awesome results with a single click. Also fully customizable with adjustment layers!


  • Caramel
  • Caramel Intense (rich effect for low-contrast or contrejour images)


  • Wedding and engagement photography
  • Outdoor portraits
  • Beauty and fashion

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Amazingly Realistic Oil Paint Effects for Photoshop by Forefathers

Amazingly Realistic Oil Paint Effects for Photoshop by Forefathers

Take your photos and projects to hyper-enriched levels that will add an amount of depth and mood to your projects like never before. With Renaissance the Oil-Painting effects do all of the heavy lifting for you while each maintains it’s own dramatic signature look and custom outputs.

Once the Oil-Effect Action has been applied you can then mix and combine multiple Filter Tones, Base Enhancements, Sharpening Levels, Vignette Burns and Blurs and even add realistic HiRes Canvas Textures to further add unparalleled depth to your imagery. All within a matter of seconds.

All of the Actions included in Renaissance are completely editable and 100% non-destructive to your original images. Best of all, every layer created are organized is named and placed meticulously into color assigned Group folders that are Layer Masked so you can toggle and edit each with absolute ease.

There is no other Photoshop Action set quite like this.

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Dust and Particle Effect by MixPixBox

Dust and Particle Effect by MixPixBox

Create incredible and expressive design with new Magicus Pack. Transparent elements working perfectly on dark and light backgrounds.

Unique palette colection – 11 colors. How to be a wizard in real life? Just say #MixPixBox and enchantment is a ready (tutorial included).

Superior brushes – 17 pieces for any design purposes.

This set iincludes:

  • 330 images in PNG format with transparent background. 30 unique formations in 11 different colors. The size of each element is different approx. 5700 x 4300 px, 3500 x 3800 px, 300 dpi
  • 17 photoshop brushes (stars, glitter, bokeh and etc)
  • Detailed PDF tutorial for Photoshop users (with screenshots).

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Kyle's IMPRESSIONIST Brushes for Photoshop by Kyle's Pro Design Tools

Kyle’s IMPRESSIONIST Brushes for Photoshop by Kyle’s Pro Design Tools

It is hard to describe just how fun these brushes are! You simply have to start painting with them and then, voila! – you’ll be transported to a world of brilliant color and expressive brush strokes from one of the most beloved movements in art history – French Impressionism! The 19 brushes in this set are modeled on the marks made by some of my favorite artists, such as Monet, Seurat, Cézanne, Van Gogh, and Pissarro. Paint with total control over the effects by adjusting your stylus pressure, tilt and direction. Use lighter pressure to reveal a touch of the canvas, as your bristles graze the surface! BONUS: 5 wonderful Impressionist Blenders are also included in this set for FREE!

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Umbrella Photo Bundle by feingold

Umbrella Photo Bundle by feingold

Buy Umbrella Photo Bundle by feingold

8 cut out photographic umbrellas, each umbrella in 5 different angles and many color versions.

These 200 high quality stock photos in PNG file format will permanently extend your crafting materials archive for a exceptionally fair and inexpensive price. They were originally produced for photographic collages, but you can also use them for logos, buttons, illustrations, posters, mockups, products ect.


  • Professionally prepared photographic material [top view]
  • Cut out on transparent background
  • 8 different umbrellas each photographed in 5 views including 40 color versions
  • 200 PNG files in total (5 views of each umbrella × 40 color versions = 200 files)
  • High resolution, mostly above 2000×2000 pixel
  • ++ bonus ++ 3 extra asphalt / street textures
100 Glitter Photoshop Styles by Pink Coffie

100 Glitter Photoshop Styles by Pink Coffie

INTRODUCING ♥ The super glitterish set for Photoshop!

Ready for some glitz and glam? This set is jam packed with 100 unique glitter styles for Photoshop and lots of bonus patterns to mix and match with the glittery styles. Create gorgeous wedding invitations, greeting cards, prints, blog banners, dividers, web elements, patterns,… the sky is the limit! 🙂


GLITTER STYLES – This set is packed with 100 glamorous and unique, high resolution glitter styles for Photoshop – JUST ONE CLICK AND YOU ARE OH SO GLITZY & READY TO GO! You can choose between gold, silver, pinks, blues, mints,… and don’t forget that each style is unique – you can easily create your own gorgeous colors and another 100 styles (minimum) in no time! How cool is that? 🙂

NEED SOME VARIATION? Play around with the pattern position, scale or color and explore the additional gazillion options that just one single glitter style offers 😉 Go from bold and beautiful to super smooth – create confetti or pretty crystals,..You can literally play around for hours and have fun, fun, fun! 🙂

STYLISH PATTERNS30 bonus, seamless, high resolution patterns – all ready for your glitter projects. Each seamless pattern has transparent background and is available both as EPS and a 12″ x 12″ (3600 x 3600 Pixels) PNG file.

STYLE GUIDE / CONTACT SHEET – Just a super handy contact sheet that will help you choose your glitter styles & patterns.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to install and use the Photoshop Styles.

WANT TO SEE ALL THE GOODIES? Check out preview 3 and 4 and scroll down to see all glittery styles and patterns! 🙂

NEED SOME DESIGN INSPIRATION? Click on preview 5 and scroll down to see what you can do with this fab watercolor style set. 🙂

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