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Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Add a little stitch to your design! Get this whole toolkit in one: brush, styles, actions, and mockups. Turn in hand-stitched style any text or graphics, or create your own design inspired by this realistic look of thread stitches, textures, fabrics and instant effect around the seam.

And it will be great if to present the finished design in the Hoop mock-ups which as a bonus included in this wonderful Toolkit.

Look how simply and with inspiration it is possible to work with this Toolkit:


  • Layer Styles:
  • 2 Stitch Emboss Layer Styles
  • 4 Embroidery Texture Layer Styles
  • 11 Linen Texture Preset Colors Layer Styles
  • Brushes:
  • 8 Simple Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Zigzag Stitch Brushes
  • 4 Cross Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Blanket Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Baseball Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Ladder Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Chain Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Fortress Wall Stitch Brushes
  • Snowflake Stitch Brushes
  • Colonial Knot Stitch Brushes
  • Auto Stitch Around Layer Actions
  • Hoop Mock-Ups:
  • Round Hoop Mockup
  • Oval Hoop Mockup

All the layer styles and brushes work correctly at 300 dpi. Print ready!

Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

The Perfect Horror Movie Font by Nowheresburg

The Perfect Horror Movie Font by Nowheresburg

NWB Ultraviolent – Limited Edition is an 8 weight geometric sans-serif display typeface inspired by the poster type of A Clockwork Orange. It’s design combines the aesthetics of Futura and the complex ligature structures of Avant Garde and other type design of Herb Lubalin with a clean, modern spin to create a quirkly retro, yet stylish and refined look. In addition to 175 ligatures it also features alternate characters for “A”, “Q” and two special alternate “O” glyphs only available in this package.


  • 8 OTF font files for Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold, Extra Bold and Black weights
  • Upper & Lowercase
  • Numbers, punctuation & Symbols
  • Standard & Discretionary Ligatures
  • Alternate glyphs ( ss03 “O” glyph only available in this version)
  • Multilingual Support
  • Set of 15 illustrated vector extras in AI and EPS (CS5+)
  • 10 pattern and background files in AI, EPS, and PNG formats (CS5+)
  • Printable 11×17 Poster

This font family is intended for use only with applications that support OpenType. To take advantage of the full set of features listed, please use this font in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015+. Use in third-party software is not recommended.

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Repeatable Tropical Patterns by Piñata

Repeatable Tropical Patterns by Piñata

Sometimes when the summer is particularly hot, we dream of chilling and are ready to even plunge into the frosty coolness. In the winter though we dream about a warming heat and miss the bright colors and spicy smells.

To all those who, just like us, already starts dreaming of the upcoming summer of 2018, we dedicate our new set of tropical vector patterns.

Bright and juicy colors, wonderful flora and fauna specimen, and our love for the summer—all this is elegantly intertwined in our new collection of vector patterns. Here are just a few of the objects that we have painted for our pattern collection: an orchid, a protea, banana palms, palm trees, lychees, mangoes, monsteras, a pomegranate, a strelitzia, a tangerine, a hibiscus, a hummingbird, a chameleon, cockatoos, a toucan, and much more.

We have prepared three groups of patterns: patterns made in light colors, patterns made in dark colors, as well as a monochrome set of patterns—a total of 45 patterns. Following the good tradition, the patterns included in this collection are easy to personalize. For example, you can easily change the background color or change the color of any vector object. A collection of vector patterns for all those who already miss the summer!

The scope of application of this set is enormous and is only limited by your imagination: postcards, invitation and congratulation cards, posters and stickers, cases and mugs, T-shirts and caps, kids clothing, any printed materials, hand-made and DIY projects, and a lot of other things.

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Indie Script Font by Sproviero-Type

Create Fonts and Photoshop and Illustrator!

es! THE DREAM COMES TRUE: any creative can now make fonts, including color fonts! 😻 🎉

Fontself Maker brings font creation capabilities to Illustrator & Photoshop CC.

You can now easily turn your own lettering into actual fonts:

  • It’s just SOOOO EASY: just drag & drop any letter, icon or symbol to the Fontself Maker panel, and BOOOM, you’ve just created a font.
  • Adjust kerning, create alternates and ligatures (Only in the Illustrator extension for now but will come to the Photoshop version soon!)
  • Export it as standard vector OpenType .otf font file in one click and have fun with your new font!
  • Oh, and you can now also make color vector fonts from illustrator and color bitmap fonts from Photoshop: this is the future of type, dude 😉

Create Fonts and Photoshop and Illustrator!

Folk Art Stock Collection by Favete Art

Folk Art Stock Collection by Favete Art

Folk Art Collection is big set of graphic in scandinavian style – you will find animals, flowers, trees, hearts, ornaments and even an alphabet there, more than 420 elements in total. Mix & match illustrations with letters to create greeting cards or use graphic on t-shirts, posters, mugs.

I also created a small set of cards and a few patterns so you’ll see how easy it is to combine elements to get unique results. And of course you can use those cards and patterns too 🙂

This set was inspired by finnish and norway traditional ornaments as well as by folk art of Sweden. I hope that you’ll find this set helpful!

Folk Art Collection includes:

  • 26 letters of english alphabet (EPS, PNG of all three color variations)
  • 307 folk Illustrations in color as shown on the preview (EPS, PNG) – see details description of what’s included in illustrations below
  • 79 folk symbols eg smaller illustrations (EPS, PNG of both black & white)
  • 6 bonus patterns (EPS, JPG, PNG)
  • 6 pre-made cards (EPS, JPG)

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