Beautiful Victorian Style Font Moody Blue by StoricType

Beautiful Victorian Style Font Moody Blue by StoricType

Moody Blue typeface Inspired by Classic typografi design, vintage art, cover book and novel. OpenType features some characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit in your designs. To access the alternat glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign

No matter how is your design concept to looking serious. it can be FUN , scary, mystical, chilling, dark or light. With MOODY BLUE typeface, your design will more quieter, relax, enjoy, etc.

You can use this font for various purposes.such as book cover, product packaging, labeling, logo, classic shop, badges, movie title, t-shirt, wedding invitation, posters, lable, greeting card, letterhead,logo, Titles Branding, etc.

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Cute Illustrated Gemstone Pack by Vítek Prchal

Cute Illustrated Gemstone Pack by Vítek Prchal

How many gemstones are right now in your pockets? It’s an essential for every designer to have some! For all these very rare and high value occasions – make luxurious graphics, wrapping papers or greeting cards.

For price $7 – you getting collection of hand-cutted diamonds. Which is less than 50¢ each – and that’s the deal. 🙂 Each piece has been drawn by hand, traced in adobe illustrator and prepared for it’s unique journey.

  • What will you get?
  • Collection of illustrated vector gemstones – 14 “cuts” in 3 different variations. (In total 42pcs). Available both for adobe illustrator and photoshop.
  • That means:
  • Ready-for-action Adobe illustrator file
  • Folder of Trasparent .png images.

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Stunning Social Media Templates for Canva by Bluchic

Stunning Social Media Templates for Canva by Bluchic

Bluchic’s Social Media Templates are a downloadable set of 15 CANVA templates for shareworthy social media graphics.

You get chic design templates created to stand out from the crowd on social media.

These templates help you easily create a consistent look across all your platforms – no more mismatched graphics or confused branding. Elevate your social media presence, create more engagement, and grow your business with less time.

You can use your brand’s colors and fonts to make them uniquely yours. The templates come in a pink and black color scheme, but they’re easy to customize.

Just put your own colors and fonts into CANVA and you’ve created a branded social media image in no time. You’ll get a tutorial video to walk you through everything you need.

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The Cute Bouncy Castle Calligraphy Font by Tom Chalky

The Cute Bouncy Castle Calligraphy Font by Tom Chalky

Say hello to Bouncy Castle! A playful, handwritten, and modern calligraphy font family with 4 sets of alternative letter styles to effortlessly switch between for maximum creativity and authenticity.

The family was designed to look incredible within wedding and event invitations, flyers and other printouts, logos and branding, apparel, and everything in between. It’s a truly flexible family and I hope that you love it as much as I do.

No special software required to access letter alternatives: The calligraphy font set has been split into 4 individual fonts, making life a whole lot easier for you to switch between all of the wonderful letter combinations to truly bring your work to life!

What’s Included? (Multilingual support with every font)

  • The Original Bouncy Castle Font (OTF + TTF + Discretionary Ligatures)
  • Bouncy Castle Stylistic Set 01 (OTF + TTF)
  • Bouncy Castle Stylistic Set 02 (OTF + TTF)
  • Bouncy Castle Stylistic Set 03 (OTF + TTF)
  • Bouncy Castle Sans (OTF + TTF)
  • Bouncy Castle Bonus (OTF + TTF)
  • Bouncy Castle Bonus Bold (OTF + TTF)

The idea behind Bouncy Castle: To create an authentic and fun calligraphy font that packed a creative punch. With thousands of possible letter combinations, a bouncy baseline and a clean yet playful appearance, it delivered exactly that and so much more!

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The Essential Artists Procreate Brushes Bundle by MiksKS

The Essential Artists Procreate Brushes Bundle by MiksKS

► To be able to use these brushes, you need:

• An iPad

• The app Procreate

• A stylus, or the Apple Pencil (optional)

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ INSTALLING THE BRUSHES ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

► After checkout, you will be able to download the ZIP file directly.

► Download the ZIP file to your computer, and unzip the file.

► Then, you can transfer the folder containing the brushes either via iCloud Drive (simply drag the brush folder in the iCloud Drive folder), Dropbox, or by sending an email to yourself with the files added as attachments.

► If you are using Dropbox or iCloud Drive, you’ll have to download the same apps on your iPad via the App Store, if you don’t already have them (they are free).

► Take your iPad, and depending which transfer method you’ve chosen, open the corresponding app (Mail app, Dropbox app, iCloud Drive app etc).

► Locate the folder containing your brushes, and select one of the .brush files (.brush is the extension – the format used for Procreate brushes), and choose “Copy to Procreate” (iCloud Drive) or “Export— Open in… — Copy to Procreate” (Dropbox). The brush will be directly transferred to the Procreate app, and now you can start drawing! Repeat this step with all the other brushes from the set.

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The Ultimate T-Shirt Mock-up Pack by Brent Galloway

The Ultimate T-Shirt Mock-up Pack by Brent Galloway

These Next Level Apparel Premium CVC 6210 T-Shirt Mockups breathe life into your design work. Whether you’re designing t-shirts for a client or mocking up your next product, this is a must-have resource. Best of all, these mockups are accurate and easy to use!

As a t-shirt designer myself, I understand how imperative it is to present strongly to my clients, and realistically mocking up the design before going to print does just that. So I set out to personally create the best most versatile 6210 t-shirt mockups using the Next Level 6210 CVC blank.

These are the exact mockups I use in my freelance business, and my clients have really enjoyed seeing their product come to life before they go to print.

3 Easy Steps to Mockup Your T-Shirt Designs:

  1. Pick a t-shirt color
  2. Choose your tag option (remove it or go custom!)
  3. Drop and position your design in the artwork smart object. Then let the auto 3D mapping do its work on distorting it to the shirt’s wrinkles!

T-Shirt Mockup Features:

  • Photorealistic results
  • 6 Different Next Level Premium CVC 6210 t-shirt mockups (2 Back options are included!)
  • High Resolution (3000×3000 at 300ppi)
  • Exact Next Level 6210 shirt color options
  • Background is easily editable or simply hide it for transparency
  • Automatic 3D mapping of design with Displace Filters (Displacement Maps included)
  • Removable tag + Custom tag option

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InstaBoss Social Media Pack by Skewline

InstaBoss Social Media Template Pack by Skewline

InstaBoss Summer Edition is an unique Social Media Pack in summer style, it have playful elements with lovely pantone style colors. This Pack is colorful but looks clean, and styled. With 27 pre-made designs, you have a lot of possibilities for fix, and boost your own brand on Social media. This pack is multi-purpose, but It may be particularly good for Apparel and Fashion brands, Home Decoration brands, Beauty Brands, Musicians, Magazine / Blog owners, Food & Drink Brands.

This PACK great for this persons:

  • Social media managers
  • Social media owners
  • Bloggers

… or anyone who looking for some summer super power! 🙂


  • Photoshop compatible (Illustration version is coming soon)
  • 27 piece pre-made layout with unlimited possibilites
  • Easy-to-change colors, fonts, images, shapes
  • Fully layered, and organized folders with smart objects
  • Playful elements
  • Ton of font and shape combinations
  • Detailed documentation with basics, and provided extra tutorials
  • Trending colors used, but you can easy-to change
  • 3 dimensions for different social media platforms (1200×1200 for Instagram, 1200×627 for Facebook,800×1200 for Pinterest)
  • Regardful, and fast support

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