Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop

Add a little stitch to your design! Get this whole toolkit in one: brush, styles, actions, and mockups. Turn in hand-stitched style any text or graphics, or create your own design inspired by this realistic look of thread stitches, textures, fabrics and instant effect around the seam.

And it will be great if to present the finished design in the Hoop mock-ups which as a bonus included in this wonderful Toolkit.

Look how simply and with inspiration it is possible to work with this Toolkit:


  • Layer Styles:
  • 2 Stitch Emboss Layer Styles
  • 4 Embroidery Texture Layer Styles
  • 11 Linen Texture Preset Colors Layer Styles
  • Brushes:
  • 8 Simple Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Zigzag Stitch Brushes
  • 4 Cross Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Blanket Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Baseball Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Ladder Stitch Brushes
  • 2 Chain Stitch Brushes
  • 1 Fortress Wall Stitch Brushes
  • Snowflake Stitch Brushes
  • Colonial Knot Stitch Brushes
  • Auto Stitch Around Layer Actions
  • Hoop Mock-Ups:
  • Round Hoop Mockup
  • Oval Hoop Mockup

All the layer styles and brushes work correctly at 300 dpi. Print ready!

Create Authentic Stitch Effects in Photoshop


Authentic Film Grain and Dust Effects by MiksKS

A set of 20 handmade Film Dust textures in JPG format. These textures feature dust, speckles, grain,… They are great for adding a retro touch to your pictures or designs (either as layer masks or by using blending modes). They can also be used as backgrounds for lettering work, drawings, typography, etc. Each texture is also provided in inverted/negative version. (So in total there are 40 files).

Quick tip: Adjust the Levels of the textures to make the grain & dust more or less subtle.

• Bonus inside! I’ve included a free smart PSD document (for Photoshop users), with an old movie inspired text effect (like on the thumbnail picture of this set). PSD file size: 3000×2000 px, 300 DPI

What’s included:

You will receive 1 ZIP containing:

• 20 film dust textures in JPG format

• 20 film dust textures in JPG format, inverted version

• 1 Bonus PSD document with a PDF instructions sheet explaining how to use smart objects.

Please note: these are not vector textures – only high res JPG files are included.

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Retro TV Glitch Text Effects by MiksKS

Retro TV Glitch Text Effects by MiksKS

Create your own glitch art with these smart object-based templates!

This set includes 16 different effects provided as PSD files, all working with smart object replacement. Just open the smart object layer, paste your design or write your text, and close the document – easy as that! In case you’re not familiar with this system, I’ve included a PDF instructions sheet with pictures explaining the process.

These templates are fully editable and layered – which means that all the layers are named & arranged for easy editing. You can edit the TV static & scan lines textures, change the background color or add your own picture as a background, modify the hue and saturation of the effect, and of course replace the text with your own.

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Glitter Textures and Patterns Updated!

Glitter Textures and Patterns Updated!


  • Four brand new glitter and sequin patterns with matching wallpapers.
  • Free sample from our new Cotton pack plus PDF with link to an exclusive 24hr special offer!

Buy the Extended License for only $10 and receive extra usage rights. Buy today at this low price and receive all future updates for free! Really!

Offering a simple and quick way to add some sparkle to your creative work, this cheap and chic pack offers a selection glitter and sequin patterns, textures and colour blurs.

Great for use on packaging, cards, invitations or simply decorating up a special quote, the patterns offer a super simple way of filling an area, or you can simply head straight for the wallpapers or colour blurs for an instant glitter blast!

I’ve also included additional greyscale versions of everything so you can easily create any custom colour. Simply set up an overlay layer in software such as Photoshop or Illustrator for any colour combinations you might need.

This set will be periodically updated with new patterns and textures. Buy the extended license now for just $8 and you’ll receive extra usage rights and free product updates – forever. That’s so cheap!

Contents (including latest update)

  • 8 Seamless patterns including glitter and sequins
  • 9 High-resolution colour blurs
  • 8 High-resolution, A4 size glitter and sequin wallpapers
  • Greyscale versions for easily creating your own colours
  • Free sample from our new Cotton Patterns and Textures pack.


  • JPG, Photoshop library file and Illustrator Ai (embedded images*) files.

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Foam Texture Collection by Alyona Vorotnikova

Foam Texture Collection by Alyona Vorotnikova

60 Abstract Foamed Textures in high-resolution PNG format!

You’ll get a lot of different ways in using these foamed textures, and also will give to your design a finished form. It’s helps to level up your design production to a new high level, of course you can create own design products by yourself. It’s really easy and quick in use!
Use your creativity and enjoy it! 🙂

You can use these high quality textures on a variety of projects such as posters, photos, illustrations, package design, postcards, useful for product mock-ups, flyers, t-shirts, typography and much more.

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Photocopier Print Effects and Textures by RetroSupply Co.

Photocopier Print Effects and Textures by RetroSupply Co.

[EARLY BIRD SALE] To celebrate the launch of Photocopy Hate Machine save $10 wheny you grab it now! Offer ends Tuesday, June 13th at midnight PST.

Need to add a little (or a lot) of gritty photocopy textures to your work? We’ve got your back with this epic masterpiece of photocopy goodness.

  • Use textures on large prints with no drama (AKA no pixelation).
  • Crisp bitmap textures pop off the page and bring out the best in your work.
  • Big, diverse brushes let you create custom photocopy masterpieces.
  • Includes intuitive Smart PSD for instant results when you’re feeling lazy (like having a Photoshop guru building your file for you).


Inspired by 90s alternative rock flyers, half-dead high school photocopy machines, and the possibilities of cheap mass duplication.

The Photocopy Hate Machine textures and resources were lovingly assembled for you from REAL photocopies. Made in REAL copy shops. With REAL people staring at us like we were crazy.

Then we scanned and processed these at 1200 DPI to capture every speck of toner.

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Paper Cut Graphics For Illustrator by Creative Veila

Paper Cut Graphics For Illustrator by Creative Veila

Welcome to the Paper Kingdom! An extensive design toolbox created to help you in mastering the cutest hand-crafted paper style. Crafted with love and precise its only purpose is to make work this style as easy as never before.

And with included Illustrator tools and assets, it’s a matter of a few clicks to create unique and eye-catching paper designs and illustrations. Just check the included pre-made scenes to see for yourself – no topic is beyond this pack: Nature, Space, Naval, City and Underwater landscapes can be created from scratch with no sweat.

Package includes:

  • 260 Illustrator Graphic Styles (AI);
  • 260 Semaless Paper Textures (High-Res JPG);
  • 320 Vector Shapes (AI, EPS, High-Res PNG);
  • Vector Alphabet (AI, EPS, High-Res PNG);
  • 5 Pre-Made Compositions (EPS).

Paper Kingdom is Perfect For:

  • Original invitations, greeting cards, web-sites and printable;
  • Graphics and illustrations for children (for books and posters);
  • One-click adding high-resolution seamless paper textures to your projects.
  • Bringing genuine hand-crafted feel to your work.

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