Buy The Spray Paint Stencil Design Kit by MiksKS

The Spray Paint Stencil Design Kit by MiksKS

Achieve authentic-looking stencil designs with this set of high-res graphics, consisting of 126 individual PNG files with transparent background. Just drag & drop the elements to form words and decorate your compositions with the shapes and spray paint splatters included in the kit.

As a bonus, I’ve also included 5 free smart PSD grunge mockups to create “in situ” compositions on old walls, cardboard and wood!

All the PNG files are provided as .abr Photoshop brushes as well, for Photoshop CS6+ users. The brushes have the same size than the PNG graphics (between 1000 and 4000 px).

This kit will work great for typography compositions, grunge T-shirt designs, posters & flyers, and more.

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Unicolor Mockup Pack by Mockup Zone

Unicolor Mockup Pack by Mockup Zone

At Mockup Zone we are always thinking about the next best thing. Something unique, practical and beautiful, in fact it is our motto. So we created the Unicolor Mockup Pack for you. Basically we got hundreds of real life objects and actually painted them into a single color (DAH! of course not those precious Apple products) and then turned them into completely and easily customizable PSD objects.

You can repaint them into any color that you wish, add your own product labels, mix and match and combine the objects and design your beautiful banners like no one else. If you are not a designer, do not worry, we have created tons of templates for you, beautifully designed and ready to be customized with a simple click, go ahead and paint your world into your favorite color.

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The Wood Type Font Collection by Anugraha Design

The Wood Type Font Collection by Anugraha Design

Hey there and howdy friends! I’m excited to release this collection of 5 font families (9 total styles), monospace fonts that were created to work together! Their relative proportions make them work perfectly together, creating a unique aesthetic reminiscent of eclectic 1900s wood type printing! The fonts include:

  • Barn Raising, a sturdy sans-serif in regular and rounded, each letter half as tall as it is wide.
  • Prairie, a perfectly square geometric serif, in inline and regular.
  • Broad Sheet, a wide slab serif with 1.5:1 proportions. This one has a western flair but is simple enough to work for a variety of projects.
  • Prize, an ornate slab serif with a circus / carnival vibe. This one comes in regular and ornate.
  • Extra extra, a quirky slab serif most like 1900s printmaking letters. In regular and rounded.

All the fonts include capital letters, numbers, and punctuation .,’?!&#

These fonts are great for poster design, packaging, or even unique logos! And if that weren’t enough, there are a few awesome bonuses included to make working with these fonts even more fun! It comes with:

  • 5 graphic styles, with usage instructions (AI file).
  • 10 textures (3000×3000 JPGs). I used these textures as backgrounds for the preview images, and as an opacity mask for the first preview image.
  • 18 vector ornaments (AI file).

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Modern Sportswear Seamless Pattern Designs by Wing's Art Studio

Modern Sportswear Seamless Pattern Designs by Wing’s Art Studio

Please note that these patterns are also available as part of the Running Graphics and Logos Pack. For more information click here:

Seamless Patterns and Textures Inspired by Modern Sports and Leisurewear Trends

You’ve seen them in the gym and walking down the high street. Those brightly coloured fitness boys and girls proudly displaying their new eye-catching sportswear and toned physiques. Now you can easily incorporate this look into your own creative projects with this easy-to-use pack of seamless patterns and texture elements!

Great for incorporating within a new logo, poster, infographic or product mockup, these offer an inexpensive and fast way of adding a sporty touch to your design projects.


  • 30 Preset Bright and Colourful Seamless Patterns
  • A selection of Real Ink Textures
  • Preset Colour Palettes for Quick Reference


  • For Adobe Illustrator – Ai CC Native, Ai CS1+
  • For Adobe Photoshop – Pattern Library File (Simply Double-Click to install).
  • Universal File Formats – JPG and Vector SVG.

Adobe Illustrator (version CS1 and above) is recommended to take advantage of all the editable features. Flattened JPGs and Vector SVGs are also included which are compatible with alternative software such as Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Inkscape and Gimp, although some functionality may be limited.


  • A modern eye-catching style inspired by modern sportswear trends.
  • Fully editable colours and texture elements. Easy to amend or create your own designs.
  • Vector and Raster formats included.
  • Bargain Price!


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LITHOTONE: Disstressed Pattern Swatches for Adobe Illustrator by True Grit Texture Supply

LITHOTONE: Disstressed Pattern Swatches for Adobe Illustrator by True Grit Texture Supply

Featuring over 60 lightly distressed pattern textures, our Lithotone Swatch Set will have you applying a diverse range of patterns faster than you say “pass the glue”!

From classics such as noise, donut sprinkles, sneaker crackle and geometrics to organic gems like brushstrokes, splatter and woodgrain, the Lithotone Distressed Pattern Swatch Set features a diverse selection of original pro-quality patterns that repeat endlessly for seamless application onto any artwork.


  • Huge variety of original textures (over 60) including noise, TV Static, donut sprinkles, geometrics, op-art, linework, stars, brushstrokes, woodgrain, brick, crackle, pointilism, plaid houndstooth and more.
  • Large, high resolution repeat patterns with no obvious seams
  • Revolutionary memory-friendly swatch design that utilizes ultra-high quality bitmap tiff patterns allowing for textural detail that regular vector patterns can only dream of producing, all whilst keeping file sizes low and your RAM smoke-free.
  • Created gradiated shading with our precisely registered Pointilism patterns including light, medium, bold and heavy options.
  • Fast, easy editing of swatch colours.
  • Easy-to-follow swatch names allowing for fast selection of the right pattern for the job at a glance. Install into Illustrator as a complete swatch library or copy-and paste from our quick-start AI file directly into your artwork.
  • Tablet Optimized.

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Rustic Wood Display Type by Rachel Ortiz

Rustic Wood Display Type by Rachel Ortiz

Sourwood is a rustic, display type family. Inspired by the Smoky Mountains and created by hand from woodcut letters, numerals and symbols. (Please read the description carefully.)

See this short video on how Sourwood was made:

This collection contains Sourwood Rough: a rough edged font taken straight from the initial woodcut (.ai & .eps files included). Sourwood Smooth: a smooth edged font based on the initial woodcut (.ai & .eps files included). Sourwood Caps – Black and Reverse: vector initial caps graphics (NOT in a font form) In Illustrator and .EPS formats. Old Tennessee: rustic and hand drawn, inspired by the classic typeface Baskerville (.ai & .eps files included).

Important note: The fonts in this collection are display fonts and are NOT made for use in large passages of text – not even for a few sentences – they weren’t constructed for that purpose. They are not kerned.

Some excellent uses for this collection: logos, branding, titles, photo illustrations and package design

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Studio Lettering Brushes for Procreate by Studio&Story

Studio Lettering Brushes for Procreate by Studio&Story

I’m so glad to share the package with you!!The Premium brushes were developed over a year and underwent many variations, to create the ultimate and high-quality brushes.The package was created specifically for professional purposes, for the printed & digital . Some brushes are also suitable for illustration. Each brush is unique and original and you are simply going to enjoy it 🙂

Use these brushes for any lettering project,Studio brushes will give you a crazy boost for your works!


  • STUDIO | Crunchy Brush
  • STUDIO | Wet Brush
  • STUDIO | Wide
  • STUDIO | Badass Ink
  • STUDIO | Magazine
  • STUDIO | Super Ink
  • STUDIO | Marker Brush
  • STUDIO | Wet Ink
  • STUDIO | Black Marker
  • STUDIO | Marker
  • STUDIO | Straight Line Bounce
  • STUDIO | Cool Brush Bounce


  • iPad Pro+Apple Pencil (or Compatible Stylus | pressure sensitive)
  • Procreate App for iPad ( The brushes work only on Procreate app and not compatible with any other software)

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