Flags of the World - Vector Icons by Wing's Art Studio

Flags of the World – Vector Icons by Wing’s Art Studio

Whether you write for a travel website, journal, food blog or anything else with an international flavour, this pack of illustrated world flags will prove to be a perfect resource that you’ll return to again and again. Covering all of the official flags from Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, South America and North America, you’ll find everything you need in a stylised, hand-drawn style, all fully editable so you can make them your own. You’ll also find a collection of seamless patterns designed to work with the flags as complimentary backgrounds or design elements.

Adobe Illustrator (version CS1 and above) is recommended to take advantage of all the editable features, but we’ve also included layered PSD versions, flat JPGs, transparent PNGs and editable SVGs which are compatible with free vector software such as Inkscape*.


  • A complete set of illustrated flags from the seven continents, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, South America and North America.
  • Accompanying Seamless Patterns.


  • For Adobe Illustrator – Ai CC Native, Ai CS1+
  • For Adobe Photoshop – Layered PSD, Pattern Library File (Simply Double-Click to install).
  • Universal File Formats – JPG, Transparent PNG, Vector SVG.


  • Stylised, illustrative appearance.
  • Easy to Edit, with text paths, editable colours and elements.
  • Use on their own or with a stamp background.
  • Vector and Raster formats included.

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Musical Instrument Graphics and Design Templates by Wing's Art Studio

Musical Instrument Graphics and Design Templates by Wing’s Art Studio

If you love classic Hollywood musicals, cool vintage jazz and a touch of technicolor you may have just discovered your new favourite design pack! Designed to invoke the feeling of those great old vinyl album covers, these graphics have been created in the spirit of mid-century design with a timeless appeal that can be adapted to suit any purpose. Fully editable in Adobe Illustrator (with files also included for Photoshop) this pack is now available for you to take, create and make your designs sing!

Musical: Design Templates and Illustrations inspired by Classic Hollywood and Cool Jazz

Included are over 40 vector illustrations featuring all of the essential musical instruments for creating your own band, orchestra or ice cool jazz group. Added to which are a selection of extras including microphones, cocktails, cityscapes, signs and street lamps for setting the scene. You’ll find even more useful stuff with the seamless patterns and hand-drawn lines, shapes and global colour pallets.

Check out the full-size visuals for everything that’s included, along with ideas for how they can be used.


  • Over 40 illustrated musical instruments, plus extra shapes, lines and textures.
  • 10 ready-made album cover design templates.
  • 8 unique seamless patterns with variations
  • PDF help file with link to all fonts used in visuals (Free from Google Fonts)


  • Fully editable vector (Ai CC native and CS1+)
  • Layered Photoshop PSD files
  • JPGs without text (suitable for all software)
  • Transparent PNGs (individual icons and elements)
  • Photoshop Library file (for patterns)

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Most famous landmarks of the world by Alfazet Chronicles

Most famous landmarks of the world by Alfazet Chronicles

This bundle is designed to bring together not only the stock of landmarks that we he have at the moment and that we are going to make regular additions to, but also the best scenes incorporating those, and some ready-made banners. Besides that, we added a set of postage stamps that will complement any design or make a picturesque feature. There is also a wide choice of airborne, land and water conveyance allowing you to make any travel-themed design that has the means of transportation in it.

There’s more! The archive with our works has a nice surprise for you, that you are sure to find a good use for in your project! 🙂

What you get:

  • 48 of the most popular landmarks (with regular additions)
  • 8 ready-made scenes employing them (best sellers in our portfolio)
  • 43 postage stamps with landmark images (plus a number of those bearing postmarks)
  • 32 means of transportation (motor vehicles, boats, a yacht, aircraft, etc.)
  • a welcome bonus in the archive

The vector graphics files have each landmark with screen captions. And the PSD file has all the landmarks divided into individual layers with respective captions.

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Floral design set - Over 195 Elements by tatiletters

Floral design set – Over 195 Elements by tatiletters


Flower collection with cute details! Here is everything you need to create an interesting flower arrangement: single flowers, branches, bouquets, geometric centerpieces, cage, wedding decor, succulents, flower pots, houseplants, wreaths and more.

I like to combine simple shapes and cute details. And I hope you enjoy it ♥

Perfect for creating wedding invites, t-shirt, label, logos, badges, greetings, stationery, posters, packaging, graphic design and much more!

This set is presented in 4 different color styles!



  • 14 Bouquets
  • 8 Wreaths
  • 23 Houseplants and floral compositions
  • 150 Single flowers, branches and other elements

You will get 195 transparent PNG and EPS file with all elements

♥ Thanks

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Peace and Protest Graphics by Wing's Art Studio

Peace and Protest Graphics by Wing’s Art Studio

In an age when journalism moves at an incredible rate, where political policy is made, changed and inflamed in a twitter post, we as visual artists have to keep pace or provide the tools for others to do so. Whether it’s on social media or the protest march, a clear message of support or opposition is an effective way to stand up and be counted.

Political expression is a right that most of us around the world share, and (as the saying goes) we must use it before we loose it. From environmental issues and equal rights, to gun crime and fake news, this pack contains a bank of tools for designing effective messages of social change. Don’t be quiet. Be Counted. Have your say.

Peace and Protest: Graphics of Hope, Activism and Political Expression

Included are 48 vector illustrations, icons and textures covering the themes of peace, hope, politics and social change. Added to this i’ve put together 20 ready-made logos to help you get started designing everything from banners, posters, flyers, t-shirts or social media posts. Take them, twist them and change them to suit your ideas, and use them to get your point across in the best way you know how.

Check out the full-size visuals for everything that’s included, along with ideas for how they can be used.


  • 48 Illustrations inspired by peace, hope and politics.
  • 20 Readymade logo/poster designs
  • 6 Seamless patterns/textures
  • Help File with link to fonts used (Free from Google Fonts)


  • Fully Editable Vector (Ai CC Native and CS1+)
  • Layered Photoshop PSD files
  • JPGs without text (Suitable for all Software)
  • Transparent PNGs (Individual icons and elements)

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T-Shirt Design Master Collection by TheVectorLab

T-Shirt Design Master Collection by TheVectorLab

Over 3GB and $600 worth of graphic design downloads. Get the Standard or Extended License for only $79 until February 8, 2017!

The Ultimate T-Shirt Graphic Design Toolkit

This is the largest and most complete T-Shirt Graphic Design Bundle I have ever offered!

The T-Shirt Design Master Collection is a large download over 1GB Creative Market’s limit. When you purchase you will receive a PDF with a link and a password that will give you instant access to download the files. The PDF also includes links for you to access and stream the T-Shirt Design Workshop videos.

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Futuro Line Icons by Bloomua

Futuro Line Icons by Bloomua

Dear Friends, we are glad to present you our new icon collection – Futuro Line, which consists of two styles, Line and Spot versions. It is based on our previous collection Futuro Illustrations, however many symbols were reimagined and upgraded, also we added some new icons, and now we organized them in 20 theme based sets.

Icon organization has become much more comfortable to use, as each icon has it’s name and sets number, all of the icons are accurately sorted in folders according to size. We are planning to add new icons from various fields of activity, and after a purchase of the collection you’ll have an ability to get updates absolutely for free.

15.01.16 We have added a new visual styling under the codename Futuro Spot. Also, we have made a few examples on how to use current collection. Symbols combine perfectly, complementing each other – which will gain you almost infinite creative opportunities when creating your own design.

22.02.16 We have added some sets with new 120 icons related to Medicine, Chemistry, Science, Technology, Security, Future, Digital Marketing and Advertising topics. We have also a bit reformed the system of icons organization, now both style are available in a single file, and the individual icons we sorted by size for quick and easy access.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our new style and find our update useful in your projects.

What makes Futuro Line a special collection?

  • Strong and unique metaphors, that expand possibilities for creative usage in many ways;
  • The detail level of symbols is thoroughly handcrafted, rendering them limitlessly usable not only just for digital design but almost in any ever possible creative field;
  • Neatly organised icon, file and layer structure for better workflow experience;
  • We have prepared the most commonly used sizes and major formats of our icons;
  • Perfection in details and consistency control where every pixel is set to it’s place;
  • Stroke weight control with vector scalability will surely ease the workflow of any designer;
  • We are planning to update this collection with new icons, once you’ve bought it – you receive free updates;
  • Say hello to our friendly support! We are happy to give you a hand!

What’s inside the box?

  • 800 pixel perfect vector icons based on 64px grid;
  • One AI CS6 file (two styles of icons, editable strokes, editable texts);
  • One EPS CS file (two styles of icons, editable strokes, editable texts);
  • One PDF file (two styles of icons, vector format, editable texts);
  • Two PNG files (for the both versions, ideal for a quick preview of all icons);

Ready to use assets:

  • Isolated PNG in 4 size (64px, 128px, 256px, 512px);
  • Isolated SVG with a full stroke control;
  • Isolated SVG with expanded stroke (perfect for creating a web font);

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