Photocopier Print Effects and Textures by RetroSupply Co.

Photocopier Print Effects and Textures by RetroSupply Co.

[EARLY BIRD SALE] To celebrate the launch of Photocopy Hate Machine save $10 wheny you grab it now! Offer ends Tuesday, June 13th at midnight PST.

Need to add a little (or a lot) of gritty photocopy textures to your work? We’ve got your back with this epic masterpiece of photocopy goodness.

  • Use textures on large prints with no drama (AKA no pixelation).
  • Crisp bitmap textures pop off the page and bring out the best in your work.
  • Big, diverse brushes let you create custom photocopy masterpieces.
  • Includes intuitive Smart PSD for instant results when you’re feeling lazy (like having a Photoshop guru building your file for you).


Inspired by 90s alternative rock flyers, half-dead high school photocopy machines, and the possibilities of cheap mass duplication.

The Photocopy Hate Machine textures and resources were lovingly assembled for you from REAL photocopies. Made in REAL copy shops. With REAL people staring at us like we were crazy.

Then we scanned and processed these at 1200 DPI to capture every speck of toner.

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Authority Font by RetroSupply Co.

Authority Font by RetroSupply Co.

Inspired by public fonts in New York in the 1970s. Authority pays tribute to the almost unnoticed but powerful effect typefaces have on our lives.

From waiting to catch the next bus to work to the worn type on public mailboxes. Type speaks loudly and softly all at once into our lives.

Here’s what you get (and some interesting info about Authority):

  • Inspired by 1970s New York public education and transportation typefaces
  • Includes 3 versions: Standard, Rounded and Roughened
  • 6 total typefaces including Standard and Slanted versions
  • It includes support for 75 languages (so it will work for tons of projects)
  • Includes special characters for street names
  • $20 off when you purchase today

Government-designed fonts were chosen to communicate authority and help grease the gears of the day to day grind.

Authority beckons back to these days with it’s mildly condensed feel, squared corners and strong presence.

We’ve also added another dimension to the typeface by creating a typeface for each time period in the fonts life including: Standard (freshly printed), Rounded (Slightly worn and used) and Distressed (worn down by the day to day interactions with the world).

Use it for bold, striking headlines and subheads. Use it for the base of logos. Use it bring historical strength to your work.

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The Vector Brush Toolbox by RetroSupply Co.

The Vector Brush Toolbox by RetroSupply Co.

Attention Adobe Illustrator Fanatics: This New Illustrator Brush Pack Includes Every Brush You’ll Ever Need for Vector Based Projects!

The Vector Illustrator’s Brush Kit for Adobe Illustrator is a collection of 6 of our best-selling Illustrator brush packs. Each one of these packs has become a best-seller.

Like Videos Better? Here’s a Product Tour Video!

Learn about each of the brush packs you’re going to get. Plus, find out why The Vector Brush Toolbox is better than 99% of brush sets on the market.

Here’s What You Get

  • VectorFuzz – 32 sponge and ink scatter brushes that make it easy to recreate the textures of mid-century children’s books.
  • VectorHero – 40 ink pen brushes that make it easy to achieve the same kinds of strokes illustrators used in mid-century commercial illustration work.
  • VectorSketch – 40 pencil and charcoal brushes achieve the impossible, getting realistic pencil strokes in Illustrator!
  • VectorTone – 35 halftone and line textures created from a $200 ’50s army surplus catalog. Easy to use. Just grab the blob brush and paint halftones and lines like magic!
  • Drygoods – 23 chalk brushes inspired by chalkboard art and sandwich board signs from the ’30s.
  • InkWash – 30 ink and water brushes make it easy to add a wash of color and shading to your work with the swipe of your mouse.

Each One of These Packs is a Best-Seller. Here’s the secret…

Most illustrator brushes are made hastily by scanning textures and converting them to brushes. For someone that wants to use them for professional products, that’s not going to cut it.

Each of our packs was made from real source material.

That means we purchased over $500 of source material, picked the best specimens and then used them as the foundation for building our brushes.

So what exactly does that mean? Here’s the breakdown.

Real Source Material

Whenever possible we sample the brushes from mid-century catalogs, advertisements, posters and other material. We acquire this material from places like Ebay, antique stores, estate sales and swap meets.

Of course we combine and tweak each piece of the product so it’s not an exact replica out of respect for these great commercial artists of the past.

Referencing Historical Design Work

When we make our brushes we pay close attention to how the brush looked originally.

For example, when we created the VectorTone pack we paid close attention to the ratio between the dots, the shape of the dots after soaking into the paper, and how often flaws occurred.

Yeah, sometimes we get a little obsessive compulsive on the details. But it’s who we are!

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InkWash | Vector Ink Watercolors by

InkWash | Vector Ink Watercolors by

Illustrator User? You’re Going to Love InkWash | Vector Ink Watercolors

I’ve always loved the way commercial artists from the mid-century used watercolor.

Mix water, add a dab of India ink and soak the brush. Then spread deep, textured shades across your sketches and pen work in one quick swoop.

The only problem is until now watercolor sets have been too complicated and just plain crazy.

Personally, I love to make things stupid simple whenever possible.

That’s why we created InkWash. It’s a set of 30 watercolor brushes made by hand in the RetroSupply studios with India ink and water.

You don’t need to upload any swatches, or read a 2000 word manual to use these brushes.

Here’s exactly what you get when you buy the InkWash now:

  • 30 ready-to-use vector ink and water art brushes
  • A display sheet with brush samples, instructions, special tips, back story and more
  • Versions for CC, CS6, CS5, and CS4
  • A diverse set of brushes made and inspired by mid-century commercial watercolor work.

When we made this set, we wanted to make it as brain-dead simple as possible.

But don’t be deceived. You can still add colors to these brushes and mix them up just like real watercolors.

Just click on a brush, select a color and you’re good to go.

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VectorSketch - Pencil Brushes for Illustrator by RetroSupply Co.

VectorSketch – Pencil Brushes for Illustrator by RetroSupply Co.

Traditionally, if you want to create authentic charcoal and pencil effects digitally it happens it Photoshop.

The only problem is then your stuck with artwork that’s hard to resize. Or worst yet, you send it to the printers and you get back fuzzy (or pixelated) work! Blech! Embarrassing and annoying! That’s why we created VectorSketch. It’s a deluxe package of 40 charcoal and graphite based brushes. Now you can stay in your safe place and do all your work in Illustrator. And of course, get beautiful scalable results.

Set Includes

  • 10 compressed charcoal sticks
  • 10 willow sticks
  • 10 carpentar pencils
  • 10 No. 2 Pencils (just like you poked yourself with in grade school and wondered if you got lead poisoning)

If you were to buy all these supplies, create hundreds of samples, vectorize, clean and minimize points and package them as beautifully as we did you could easily spend over $400.

RetroSupply Co. has done all the work and created a set that will hold a place of honor among your Illustrator brushes for just $15!

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