Nitty Gritty Procreate Brushes by Jamie Bartlett

Nitty Gritty Procreate Brushes by Jamie Bartlett

The Nitty Gritty brush set is great for adding some fine grit texture to your designs inside of the Procreate app.

The pack contains four different nitty gritty textures:

  • Nitty 01
  • Nitty 02
  • Gritty 01
  • Gritty 02

These brushes can easily be scaled and adjusted for more/less texture. Be sure to check out my short video tutorial to see how I use these brushes in my own work.

Note: these brushes are for use inside the Procreate app only.

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Procreate Brush MegaPack for Illustrators by Georg's Procreate Brushes

Procreate Brush MegaPack for Illustrators by Georg’s Procreate Brushes

  • INK Brush Sets 1 + 2: All my favorite inking brushes, crafted with love and passion for detail. I use these brushes every day for my personal and professional work.
  • DIRTY DOZEN Brush Set: 19 new messy ink, gritty shading & grunge paint brushes
  • MANGA & ANIME Brush Set incl. 25 traditional East Asian ink and paint brushes, screentones (seamless pattern brushes as well as 21 transparent PNGs) and shading brushes
  • WATERCOLOR, INK & PAINT Bundle incl. the WATERLIES: Water based coloring and natural media painting brushes
  • SKETCH & DRAW Brush Set: Versatile natural media brushes incl. pencils
  • SIR RIPPLES KNIGHT OIL BRUSHES: Oil paint and glaze brush set
  • PAGAN PASTELS of the CRAYON CULT: Pastel and crayon brush set
  • PATTERNOIK Power Pack: High-resolution texture and seamless pattern brushes for painting, shading, drawing and concept design
  • XMAS 2016 Brush Set: 40 brand new Procreate brushes for illustration, painting and concept design
  • BLENDER Brush Set: 24 blending and painting brushes with natural media textures
  • 55 COLOR Swatches: Harmonic manga palettes, paint and comic style color swatches, Tri-O-Tone palettes and color swatches sampled from movie stills
  • FREE Updates & New Brush Sets

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