Voguer - The Sophisticated Wedding Font by NREY

Voguer – The Sophisticated Wedding Font by NREY

Voguer is an elegant high-contrast serif font inspired by the fashion glossy magazines typography. It perfectly represents modern and vintage esthetics. The font includes special uppercase letters, alternate characters and beautiful ligatures. You may combine uppercase and smallcase in the text body, as you want. The font is perfect for wedding elegant invitation cards, beauty and fashion package design.

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Easily Make Your Own Fonts in Illustrator with Fontself!

Easily Make Your Own Fonts in Illustrator with Fontself!

Fontself Maker brings font creation capabilities to Illustrator CC.

You can now easily turn your own lettering into actual fonts:

  • It’s just SOOOO EASY: just drag & drop any letter, icon or symbol to the Fontself Maker panel, and BOOOM, you’ve just created a font.
  • Adjust kerning, create alternates and ligatures
  • Export it as standard vector OpenType .otf font file in one click and have fun with your new font!
  • Oh, and you can now also make OpenType-SVG color vector fonts from Illustrator: this is the future of type, dude 😉

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The Handwritten Halloween Font Bundle by Great Scott

The Handwritten Halloween Font Bundle by Great Scott


Limited offer! This Halloween, get all our handwritten fonts and other Halloween-y fonts from Great Scotts typographic library. We have sans serifs, brush scripts, geometric brush typefaces and many many more styles!

7 different typefaces – 21 font files in various styles. All will give your Halloween-project that right feel.

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The Huge Joanne Marie Font Bundle

The Huge Joanne Marie Font Bundle

Nowhere else can you get this exclusive deal of 65 fonts (including two NEW fonts) PLUS a link to three of my free fonts for this amazingly low price. So, that actually adds up to 68 fonts altogether! Yippee!

This bundle includes a varied range of font styles such as, calligraphy, signature, brush lettering, layered, hand lettering and more. Many have alternates and swashes. There are also some doodles which come with Just Write font. You’re sure to find the perfect font for your project.

My popular fonts – Featherly, Heavenfield, Just Write, Instant Hand Lettering Bundle are all part of this bundle and sell separately for more than the cost of this bundle. So, go ahead and treat yourself to all these beautiful fonts for the price of one.

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The Hanley Font Collection by DISTRICT 62 STUDIO

The Hanley Font Collection by DISTRICT 62 STUDIO – 65% OFF

Hanley Font Collection from District 62 is a group of fonts that consists of 9 font files and 2 Extras fonts that work extremely well together for an authentic vintage look with a modern vibe. It features letterforms with just the right amount of irregularity to the edges and rounded corners to give a warm, human feel, that creates a sign-painterly, hand-drawn feel that still looks clean. Hanley is extremely versatile, it can look fresh and modern or authentically vintage. We think this group is perfect for logos, restaurant and cafe branding, typographic designs, signage or any project where you need a fresh take on a vintage look.

PLEASE NOTE The photo mockups are NOT included.


  • NEW EIGHT BONUS LOGO TEMPLATES. AI and PSD versions of the logo templates shown in the previews.
  • 11 font files with OTF and TTF versions for each: Hanley Script, Hanley Block Display, Inline and Inline Only, Hanley Sans, Inline and Inline Only, Hanley Slim Sans and Slim Serif and Extras1 and 2.
  • Includes two sets of extras that have comprehensive catchwords, swashes, frames and ornaments to compliment your designs. These are assigned to keystrokes, or can be accessed through glyphs window.
  • 1 Font that contains only the swashes from Hanley Script for customers using software that does not support Open Type features.
  • Western European language support.

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An Amazing Bundle of 102 Fonts by Creativeqube Design

An Amazing Bundle of 102 Fonts by Creativeqube Design

NEW  102 FONT & GRAPHICS BUNDLE – an incredible BUNDLE with ALL my fonts, plus an extra 6 picture fonts (so 108 fonts in total!)

This BUNDLE is HUGE! 102 Fonts, and over 1,800 graphics including loads of watercolor textures, watercolor clipart, hand drawn illustrations, digital papers, seamless patterns, and so much more.

This is over $1,630 worth of goods for only $19 – That’s amazing value!

The possibilities with this amazing bundle are endless – go ahead and make Invites, planner stickers, fabric, cushions, blogs, branding, logos, weddings, scrapbooking, posters, packaging, nail art, birth announcements, photo overlays, wall art, quotes, printables, bags, shirts – the list goes on and on!

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Inters Script Typeface by Piñata

Inters is a vintage script inspired by the dream of outer space.

  • 1 script typeface
  • 415+ glyphs for each typeface
  • Supports 70+ languages (incl. Cyrillic)*

Inters is a very strict and rhythmic font, but at the same time very sensual and emotional. Inters—a real typeface for the dreamers. It is very well suited for each design.

You can use Inters font for a flower shop or a postcards. But it is also perfect for decoration about the future, interiors or kids products.

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