The Perfect Summer Beach Bar Font by DearType

The Perfect Summer Beach Bar Font by DearType

BeachBar is a modern bold script with a sunny mood. It is inspired by, well, Beach bars, the summer and the sea, the hot afternoons with a cocktail in your hand and the sound of splashing waves.

What you get in the package:

BeachBar turns our love for summer into a dynamic and vivacious font that comes in three different styles to choose from:

  • BeachBar – connecting small letters, disconnected basic caps, ideal for text.

  • BeachBar Alt – all letters are disconnected

  • BeachBar Script – connecting letters, script-like caps and a bold set of swash capitals for more eye-catching designs.

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Venezuela - Grungy Dry Brush Font by Latin Vibes

Venezuela – Grungy Dry Brush Font by Latin Vibes

This time a present to you a handmade drybrush font called ‘Venezuela’. I made this font in honor of my country that is currently going thru really bad times.

As you may have seen on the news, Venezuelans has been protesting out in the streets for over a moth. Why are we protesting?:

  • Insecurity. We are the most dangerous country in the world.
  • Our inflation rate is the highest in the planet.
  • People are literally starving to death
  • Finding any type of medicine is an impossible task
  • You only get help from public institutions if you support the current government
  • Services like electricity and water are rationalized even tho we pay for them
  • We have the slowest internet in the world.
  • The medias that dares to say something against the government are being closed. We have no liberty of expression.

Since we been protesting, our own military forces are killing us and putting everyone in jail. There has been over 25 deaths till the protests started… An why? For speaking up.

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Waves; The Ultra Condensed Serif Font by Font Forestry

Waves; The Ultra Condensed Serif Font by Font Forestry

Waves helps you effortlessly create eye-catching displays for any of your products. From a classic magazine type feel to a beautiful high-end boutique display, the options are endless.

This product includes clean & textured versions and both come in oblique styles as well. All 4 options are served in OTF format.

Waves has multi-language support with international characters included.

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Fun Crayon Font Gessetto by Rsz Type Foundry

Fun Crayon Font Gessetto by Rsz Type Foundry

Gessetto is an extensive chalk font family, containing script, sans, roman, figures and ornaments. One of the things most charming about chalkboard lettering is the variation; in both texture and style. Our goal was to achieve a real chalk effect using the varied typographic genres in a digital format.

With flexibility and control for the designer in mind, we built a digital chalk toolkit. The script is a fusion of Italic Roman and cursive, it contains swashy alternates for each capital letters with some long and extended flair on some ascendent and descendent letters. An all caps high contrast sans is in 5 complimentary styles. The Roman is precisely proportioned and maintains elegance while being bold. There is a set of Figures and ornaments.

Each character was drawn with underlying calligraphic principles onto a black stone board before being photographed and digitised.

Gessetto is perfect to grab attention on signage, print advertising and editorial applications like book covers, but suits branding applications too. The diverse styles and subtle handcrafted textures in this display type family will well serve any designer looking for the authentic chalkboard aesthetic.

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The Coolest Summer Brush Font by Fenotype

The Coolest Summer Brush Font by Fenotype

Dog Days is an American hand lettering style brush script family. Dog Days is swift, strong and full of bursting energy. Due to it’s clean features it’s legible even in small sizes. Dog Days is great for any display use -from poster to packaging and logo to t-shirt. Dog Days is also great for lettering works.

Dog Days Brush boasts with more than 700 glyphs and plenty of OpenType features: Keep Standard Ligatures on – it adds variety in hand lettering style and keeps the flow steady. If you need more action try turning on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType savvy software. Dog Days Brush is also equipped with Old Style Numerals if you need your numbers to fit more into text.

Dog Days Brush uppercase letters are designed to work as initials so if you need to write all caps you might want to use Dog Days Caps or Dog Days Small Caps. Dog Days Caps can also be used as uppercase letters for the script. Dog Days Extras is a set of badges, swashes and swirls designed to play with the font.

Dog Days is inspired by a hand lettering sample in a vintage American swimsuit advertisement.

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Highflier Cartoon Style Font by Denise Chandler

Highflier Cartoon Style Font by Denise Chandler

Say hello to Highflier! A cheerful font with 4 overlays: Slice, Scribble, Shadow, and Block. Place them on top or underneath Highflier Regular to add a bit of style and fun to your design.

Highflier can be used for personal or commercial projects, in logos, on items for purchase with unlimited sales, and can be turned into a web font (web font files are not included in the download).

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