Winter Wonderland Watercolour Pack by OpiaDesigns

Because so many of you requested a winter themed graphic set, I went on creating this dreamy collection, for those of you who love winter and it’s subtile tones. Grounded tones of juniper, combined with cold greys, hints of marsala and burnt sienna, to complete the colour palette. This is a subtile and delicate winter interpretation and it speaks of the first snow, misty and windy nights, quivering animals and heavy skies; simple, yet suggestive. The pack contains a lot of pre-made graphics, but also a big variety of individual elements

IMPORTANT INFO: This product is best used in photoshop, to be able to play with the blending modes. The graphics look awesome on any background , but looks fantastic if you change the blending mode of the graphics to multiply or colour burn. It can be used by any program though because the files are PNG and JPEG. This time I tried to paint the messy edges digitally so that they can remain without faulty lines upon clean up.

FONTS USED IN PRESENTATION: The fonts used for presentation purposes are mostly “Fitri” and “Baskerville” – you can find “Fitri” here: and support the amazing artist that created it. I think is pairs gorgeously with the backgrounds and the overall feel of the theme – rag paper, inky backgrounds and the beautiful calligraphy of Fitri. Thank you JROH CREATIVE for creating it!


  • 59 individual elements – png transparent background
  • the Frostbound alphabet – embellished letters A-Z – png transparent background
  • 25 wreaths & arrangements – png transparent background
  • 4 arrangements of nested animals – png transparent background
  • 10 framed arrangements in different shapes – png transparent background
  • 22 card & background designs, ready to be filled with text or more decoration – jpegs
  • 4 snow overlays – png transparent background
  • 3 snowflake designs to overlay on any background – png transparent background

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