The Bellatine Pro Script Font by motypeidea

BELLATINE PRO Font equipped with :

  • Uppercase,
  • lowercase
  • lowercase Alternates
  • numeral
  • punctuation
  • International Glyphs
  • alternates
  • Ligatures
  • This Font has given PUA unicode (specially coded fonts).

How to Access OpenType Features?

In Adobe Illustrator or InDesign; simply open Window Type Glyphs, it will show the Glyphs panel. By default, it will show the entire glyphs contained in the font. If you block a glyph, you can find alternative characters to that glyph easily by changing ‘Entire Font’ to ‘Alternates for Current Selection’ in the Show section. For other programs that doesn’t support OpenType features or Glyphs Panel such as Photoshop, you can use Character Map in Windows to access the alternate characters; simply follow this tutorial – How to get access alternate glyphs from open type fonts check this link :

Buy The Bellatine Pro Script Font by motypeidea


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