Sicero Vintage Logo Branding Fonts by Konstantine Studio

Back in 1800 – 1900, the Serif fonts or known as Roman styles are very popular. Used in so many media, came from calligraphic technique and refined till it became a solid style even so many sign painters use this letter style back in that era.

And today, these kinda style still got their fans who love the elegant yet clean solid style. That’s what this came for. Please welcome, Sicero Duo Fonts. Its a dynamic duo fonts that came in Serif and Sans-Serif style which is perfectly fit to each other. Bring the old vibes instantly to your project with them 🙂


  • Sicero Roman A Serif style font with implementations of old-era style, clean and done in click-by-click to fulfil your perfectionist personal. And it comes in Old Style Numbering too, to make the vibes stronger in the whole vintage design when using it.

Sicero Sans A Sans-Serif font to make a good pair with Sicero Roman still holding those old vibes but a little bit modern touch in here to reach wider range of trends. Use it all alone is still good to go if you want something different with not pairing it with Sicero Roman as well.

Buy Sicero Vintage Logo Branding Fonts by Konstantine Studio


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