Most famous landmarks of the world by Alfazet Chronicles

This bundle is designed to bring together not only the stock of landmarks that we he have at the moment and that we are going to make regular additions to, but also the best scenes incorporating those, and some ready-made banners. Besides that, we added a set of postage stamps that will complement any design or make a picturesque feature. There is also a wide choice of airborne, land and water conveyance allowing you to make any travel-themed design that has the means of transportation in it.

There’s more! The archive with our works has a nice surprise for you, that you are sure to find a good use for in your project! 🙂

What you get:

  • 48 of the most popular landmarks (with regular additions)
  • 8 ready-made scenes employing them (best sellers in our portfolio)
  • 43 postage stamps with landmark images (plus a number of those bearing postmarks)
  • 32 means of transportation (motor vehicles, boats, a yacht, aircraft, etc.)
  • a welcome bonus in the archive

The vector graphics files have each landmark with screen captions. And the PSD file has all the landmarks divided into individual layers with respective captions.

Buy Most famous landmarks of the world by Alfazet Chronicles


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