Hello Floral kit by Little Sisters Studio

Hello Floral has everything you need to create lovely greeting cards, invitations, prints and so much more! The vector format allows easy editing and flexibility. 

Here is what you get

  • Over 30 illustrations of individual flowers and foliage. Great for building your designs.
  • Assorted bouquets
  • 8 wreaths
  • Butterfly and Insect Illustrations
  • 27 Monograms
  • 8 Vector Patterns
  • 10 Card Templates in .ai and hi-res 300 Dpi Jpg files
  • Greetings & Text Lockups
  • 4 Tag Designs
  • 6 Floral Brushes


  • Created in Adobe Illustrator for use in Illustrator
  • Can be opened in photoshop as a rasterized image
  • created in CC. Please contact me for additional versions or file types.

Buy Hello Floral kit by Little Sisters Studio


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