Might Could Pen + Pencil Font Duo by Might Could Studios

I hand draw a lot of typography for my comics, books, and promotional material, so I recently made my handwriting into a font, and I’m so thrilled you guys loved it! To pair with that original font, I’ve now made a bold version, Might Could Pen! And this font pack includes both!

Might Could Pencil and Might Could Pen are both hand drawn in my own handwriting, and are vectorized fonts. They’re perfect for comics, graphic novels, books, invitations, business cards, or any other designer-y project you’ve got going on!

Your download includes:

  • An .OTF font file of Might Could Pencil
  • An .OTF font file of Might Could Pen
  • Foreign language symbols for both fonts
  • A quick “How to Install” guide

Hand drawn font design:

  • Slightly condensed typeface family
  • Roughness around the edges for a hand drawn feel, and less of a machiiiiiine made, slick feel.
  • Looks great in title case and uppercase
  • Couples really well with a lovely hand drawn script font, like my font: https://creativemarket.com/might_could/1053247-Might-Could-Script
  • There a duo in my shop with this font + a bold, Pen font!

Note: Might Could Pencil is an updated design of the previous font, Might Could Sans. If you purchased Might Could Sans, you received the Might Could Pencil update free, so no need to purchase it again! I will be offering Might Could Pen as it’s own individual product next week if you would like to purchase just that font.

Buy Might Could Pen + Pencil Font Duo by Might Could Studios


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