40 Vintage Flower & Plant Illustrations by Vector Hut

Introducing our Fourth Volume of High-Quality Flower and Plant Illustrations – Vector & PNG Formats Included!

Our focus is to collect, restore and repurpose old and forgotten artwork for the modern creator and within this collection, you will find 40 detailed plant and flower engravings/illustrations that are perfect for a whole variety of design projects; from logo design to apparel, from posters to scrapbooking and so much more.

The illustrations within this particular set were found within a gorgeous 1910 botanical book. Scanned at 1200dpi, professionally restored and repurposed, these Illustrations can now live on.

This set includes, among others, the Pheasant’s Eye, Globe Flower, Garlic Mustard, Gean, Lady’s Smock, Meadow Sweet, Monkshood, Mouse-Tail, Pasque Flower, Ragged Robin, Purple Sea Rocket, Meadow Vetchling, Lesser Wart-Cress, Larkspur, Hop Trefoil and more.

If you do not have access to a vector based program, or would like to open and work with these images quickly and easily within your favorite raster based program, we have included 40 high-resolution (300 dpi) PNG images too!

What’s Inside?

  • 40 Vector EPS Files
  • 40 Vector .AI Files
  • 40 PNG Images (300DPI)

Buy 40 Vintage Flower & Plant Illustrations by Vector Hut


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