More Retro 1950s Style Patterns by Wingsart

Buy Mid-Century Novelty Prints – Vol 2 by Wingsart

Welcome to part 2 of this amazing collection retro themed seamless patterns. Authentic 1950s style prints for you to use in your own vintage inspired designs!

The design of the 1950s and 60s represent one of the most creative periods in history. A combination of a post war optimism and technological advances brought with it innovations across interior design, architecture, fashion and textiles that defined a generation. Expressed through modern, abstract visuals, it’s themes of contemporary lifestyles, nature worship, and a brave new world still resonate with collectors and enthusiasts today.

In this tradition i’ve developed a collection of original seamless patterns designed to be as authentic as possible. They are made with hand-drawn elements from the Wingsart studio, carefully converted to vector format allowing you to edit and resize without any loss in quality. You can choose to use the preset pattern or simply double click the swatch in Adobe Illustrator to edit to your hearts content.

Also provided are high-resolution Jpg swatches, a Photoshop library file, and installation instructions. Plus, as a special bonus i’ve also included linen fabric and light paper textures for additional real world effects.

Be sure to click on the full size visuals to see everything you’ll get!


  • 10 Mid-Century Novelty Prints
  • 2 High-Resolution Textures (Hessian and Torn Paper)
  • Swatch Installation Instructions


  • Pattern Swatches: Vector Ai CC and CS1, High-Res JPGS and Photoshop PAT file
  • Textures: High-Resolution JPG

Please note that the editable vector features will require Adobe Illustrator CS1 or above.

Use them on your retro themed posters, advertising campaigns, invites and more! Enjoy!

Mid-Century Novelty Prints Volume One also available!

Buy Mid-Century Novelty Prints – Vol 2 by Wingsart


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