Girly Stationery Mockup Creator by LS-tore

Very Beautiful Mockup Scene Generator in 3 angles and 317 highres items

Girly Stationery

DIY Mockup Scene Generator

Easy- to-use Mockup Scene Generator allows to generate your own unique scenes by just dragging and dropping items in Photoshop

Three Scene Generators in Most Popular Angles

  • Front View Frontal view for your presentations
  • Top View Popular knolling. Interesting compositions with top view
  • Perspective Generate scenes in isometric

Use different angles to create awesome presentations


Branding projects, Web projects, Blog, header, advertisement, social network, there is no limit how and where you can use it


  1. Isolated. All the items are separate and have the same light, so that you can easily create your scenes.
  2. Color Masks. Most of items have color masks. You can change color of any material of any object.
  3. Mega Resolution. Allows to use it for print projects and huge Retina displays
  4. Realistic Mockups. Lots of realistic mockups. Present your work at the new level
  5. Separate Shadows. All the shadows are separate to easily adjust contrast for different backgrounds.
  6. Lots of adjustment layers. Use various effects to finalize your scenes.
  7. Various Backgrounds. Lots of textures and backgrounds for your scenes
  8. Easy-to-use. Well-organized and named layers in Photoshop
  9. Help File. Everything is simple and clear.

Buy Girly Stationery Mockup Creator by LS-tore


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