Amazing Antique Artefacts Bundle by Eclectic Anthology

Buy Amazing Antique Artefacts Bundle by Eclectic Anthology

Welcome to Amazing Antique Artifacts Bundle! For a limited time, I’ve bundled together hundreds of my most popular vintage and antique graphics. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck with this bundle, saving 85%! $136 worth of graphics for only $20! This bundle even includes 2 other mega bundles! Most of these graphics are .pngs on transparent backgrounds, but some (such as the paper textures) are in .jpg format.

You will find all sorts of vintage design elements in this bundle including (but not limited to) vintage jewelry, metal and paper frames, photo corners, antique paper textures, typewriter, metal junk, keys, clocks, gears, and so much more.

You will receive a .pdf file with the Dropbox links to download the files as altogether the file size is very large. You do not need a Dropbox account to download. Commercial use OK!


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