94% OFF – The Watercolour Gigabundle by Nicky Laatz

Buy 94% OFF – The Watercolour Gigabundle by Nicky Laatz

94% OFF! YOWZA….Over $450 packed into a $28 Bundle! This lovely little price is limited, so grab it while you can 🙂

♥ Extended License Included Folks! ♥

With so many requests to bundle up the entire Bestselling Watercolour Collection – its finally here…with even MORE packed in than just what you asked for…including the Bestselling “Bonjour” Brush font!!!! 🙂

Say hello to The Watercolour Gigabundle!. A Crazy-Big collection of Watercolours, Graphics, Textures, Logos, Fonts, Illustrations, Foils, Patterns and Brushes.

This is what you get! Be sure to go through all the products to see the awesomeness of whats included.

All amounting to a whopping :

  • 210 Watercolour Styles
  • 13 Fonts
  • 910 Illustrations
  • 157 Textures
  • 66 Logos
  • 26 Splatters
  • 8 Patterns
  • 15 Foils
  • 35 Illustrator Watercolours
  • My special “Design Secrets”, Tips, Instructions and Help.

✓IMPORTANT TO NOTE Once you purchase your download will not be the files themselves, but rather a PDF file with links to the downloadable files.

✓Please Read the Product requirements carefully to make sure you have the correct software needed for the packages before you purchase.

✓If you need any help at all with the products feel free to PM me and I’ll help you along personally – even with a private video example if needed 🙂

✓Some of the logo templates use fonts that are free for personal-use only, if you would like to use them commercially , you can either source a similar 100%f free font from dafont.com , or approach the font vendor for a commercial license for that particular font.

Ok I’ve held you up long enough with all this description stuff, hey 🙂 – Off you go!!….HAPPY DESIGNING!!

Buy 94% OFF – The Watercolour Gigabundle by Nicky Laatz



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