Forever Soulmates Font Duo by Nicky Laatz

Buy Forever Soulmates Font Duo by Nicky Laatz

Introducing ♥ Forever Soulmates ♥ – a fashionable little font duo with a chilled personality.

Forever Soulmates is based on the currently popular hand brush lettering found on social media designs, in retail fashion , and hand written quotes.

♥ OODLES OF ALTERNATE LETTERS Forever Soulmates is different in that each uppercase letter and each lowercase letter has an alternate version. This allows your designs to look more natural , and less like a font.

♥ LIGATURES Put a “c” and and “h” together, and you get a magically natural-looking, hand-scripted “ch” – thats a ligature 🙂 Forever Soulmates has a large selection of ligatures – which further adds to the organic nature of the font. They won’t believe its a font 🙂

♥ IT’S A FONT DUO An extra sturdy hand-brushed sans font compliments it perfectly for quotes and typographic designs – but match the Forever Soulmates regular font with a graceful serif-style font, and watch it transform into something elegant and beautiful.

♥ VERSATILE & ORGANIC Forever soulmates is very versatile and can be used in many applications – Logos, branding, on apparel, for greeting cards, presentations, social media, posters, retail outlet design, magazines, ebooks and much much more.

♥ SPLATTERS AND SWISHES You didn’t think I wouldn’t include some handy design helpers, did you? Included is a “Swish” font, which includes a couple of bonus splatters and swishes to help you add some oomph to your designs 🙂


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