Hanley Font Collection by DISTRICT 62 STUDIO

Special Introductory Price – 65% off until May 2nd

Hanley Font Collection from District 62 is a group of fonts that consists of 7 font files and 2 extras files that work extremely well together for an authentic vintage look with a modern vibe. It features letterforms with just the right amount of irregularity to the edges and rounded corners to give a warm, human feel, that creates a sign-painterly, hand-drawn feel that still looks clean. Hanley is extremely versatile, it can look fresh and modern or authentically vintage. We think this group is perfect for logos, restaurant and cafe branding, typographic designs, signage or any project where you need a fresh take on a vintage look.

Check out our previews to see examples of usage and all of the glyphs, features and extras.

  • 9 font files with OTF and TTF versions for each: Hanley Script, Hanley Bold Display and Inline, Hanley Sans and Inline, Hanley Slim Sans and Slim Serif and Extras1 and 2.
  • Includes two sets of extras that have comprehensive catchwords, swashes, frames and ornaments to compliment your designs. These are assigned to keystrokes, or can be accessed through glyphs window.
  • Hanley Script features 3 styles of swashes in various lengths and beginning and ending swirls for the lowercases as well as a whole set of alternate lowercase letters for smooth beginnings.
  • In order to access the complete set of alternates, you need software that supports glyphs.
  • The fonts support Western European languages, and because our studio has a Serbian member, we squeezed in their special characters as well.

Buy Hanley Font Collection by DISTRICT 62 STUDIO


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