1980s Retro Fashion Patterns by wingsart

Time to take your design work to the next extreme with this collection of 1980s themed seamless patterns. With colours so wild they should come with a heath warning, these designs perfectly capture the retro aesthetic for a brand new synth-wave generation!

Taking inspiration from the classic movies, music, advertising and beach culture of the era, these patterns have been developed with authenticity in mind from the very start. Made with hand-drawn brush strokes, textures and ink effects, and boasting professionally illustrated elements, you’ll not find a more kick-ass collection of patterns on the market!

Compatible with both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, all patterns are provided with fully repeatable swatches, with their vector versions editable for those with Illustrator CS1 and above. In addition to the 16 standard designs, you’ll also get a further 12 patterns that are great for use as simple backgrounds (see my visuals for example) or for adding even more detail and variation.


  • 16 1980s Fashion Patterns – Vector AICC & CS1, Photoshop PAT Library File and JPG Swatches
  • 12 Bonus Patterns – Vector AICC & CS1, Photoshop PAT Library File and JPG Swatches
  • Installation instructions for Photoshop PAT file included.

Slip on those leg warmers, press play on your Huey Lewis and the News cassette, view my full size visuals and bathe in all the 80s glory. That Breakfast Club VHS can wait, you’ve got some serious designing to do!

Buy 1980s Retro Fashion Patterns by wingsart


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