Kyle’s Impasto Kit for Photoshop

Now you can use thick paint effects in real time with ANY of my custom Photoshop brushes. This revolutionary kit will allow you to add a level of realism to your digital painting unlike anything you have experienced before. Best of all, the kit is designed for all of the effects to be seamlessly integrated into your workflow so that you can paint immediately and directly with whichever effect you want; you can even change them on the fly! To see the kit in action, click through the images above (hover on the center-right side of the header graphic above and then click on the white arrow, or click on the small white circles at the bottom of the header graphic).

Watch a short demonstration video of one of the brushes here:

Watch a short demonstration video of one of the palette knives here.

Not only do you get the 30 paint effects in this kit, but I am also including a detailed demonstration video(worth an additional $15, included FREE), and 15 new brushes and even digital palette knives.

Let me repeat: you can use ANY of my existing Photoshop brushes with this kit, which makes it many times more powerful! The creative possibilities are truly endless – get ready for Impasto in Photoshop!

Photoshop CS5 (or higher) is required and a graphics tablet is very highly recommended.

Buy Kyle’s Impasto Kit for Photoshop


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