VectorPress: Letterpress for Illustrator by Vintage Design Co.

Adobe Illustrator Letterpress effects in seconds! Join over 1,000 customers already using VectorPress

In the past whenever I want to add textures to my type or lettering I always default to Photoshop, just because it’s so easy and quick to do. I’ve never got on with masks in Illustrator and hi-res textures just slow my Mac down. There must be another way to do this in Illustrator, that can be easy, quick and doesn’t require massive processing power to complete.

Now you can with VectorPress!

Video demo:

VectorPress uses a unique hybrid of Graphic Styles & Actions to quickly add texture effects to your work in seconds, giving that hand made letterpress feel. Also, I’ve made it work in all versions of Illustrator from CS3 to the current CC 2014. I’ve included a visual quick start guide to get you up and running and making awesome type texture effects in no time!

What’s included in the download?

  • 16 Letterpress Graphic Styles (Rough Ink, Halftone, Distressed Lines, Gravel)
  • Vectorize! Action
  • Image Trace Preset (CS3 / CS4 only)
  • Quick Start PDF (CS5 / CS6 / CC)
  • Quick Start PDF (CS3 / CS4)

Requirements Adobe Illustrator CS3 or newer. Won’t work in CoralDraw or Inkscape.

Available from Creative Market


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